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Steps to Having the Perfect Hair

Having the perfect hair can be such a struggle; imagine having to sit in front of the mirror trying to push a comb into your hair, heaving, sighing, and wincing at the tiny pangs of pain from when a strand snaps out of your scalp. The whole process can be such a nightmare.

That’s not the crazy part, you also might have to deal with breakage, poor length retention, and way too many tangles, if the hair is not properly taken care of.

At Girl Talk Hair Care System, with our products, we have been able to create two steps to having the perfect hair, in all the ways perfection comes, and here they are:


Moisture Retention Infuser is the first step in the Girl Talk Hair System. 

Our new anti-breakage hair-strengthening program has the MRI as its foundation because the first step to having great hair is making sure the hair has enough moisture.

Our formulas are delicately crafted from start to finish, using only premium natural ingredients to induce nourishment into the hair, and the scalp. Our formulas are also made to boost hair growth while making the hair retain the attained length, by totally inhibiting breakage, and helping the hair retain moisture. 

The more moisture a hair has, the more chances it has at growth. 


Rub a small amount between palms, and evenly distribute throughout wet, damp or dry hair. 


The Tensile Fortifier and Strengthener is the second step in the Girl Talk Hair System

As the hair grows, it is prone to breakage thus needs to be strengthened as often as possible to reduce the risk of breakage. The Tensile Fortifier and Strengthener- to be used nightly- is the perfect treatment for the hair in this regard, its purpose is to strengthen the hair and fortify the hair strands. 

The protein at the hair shaft is actually dead protein because as the hair sprouts it is cut off from the supply of nourishment. The TFS does a cheat and reinforces this protein, inspiring a new sprout, thus making the hair attain more length, and since the TFS already helps strengthen the hair, length retention is bound to happen. 


Rub a small amount between palms and evenly distribute through damp or dry hair.

Wrap hair with silk or bonnet to help retain moisture and nutrient. 

Your hair is beautiful and should be able to turn heads when you walk the street, this is why you need both of these steps to move your hair from where it is now, to a place of perfection.

To get any of these products, simply go to or and search Girl Talk Hair Care System #GirlTalkBlog #HairGrowth #AntiBreakage

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