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SUBJECT LINE: Good News! We have the date and new safety protocols that follow state safe operations

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Girl Talk Salon and Spa Inc Guests,

Well, it is here!

Our new normal! These new protocols concerning safety, sanitation, and salon operations shall be implemented at Girl Talk Salon and Spa, Inc. immediately. We are now ready to share what shall be required to receive our services effective May 25, 2020.


  • Upon arrival, clients will be required to have their temperature taken [prior to] entering the building (outside on the sidewalk). Temperatures that are at or above 100.0 degrees shall not receive service.

  • Upon arrival (entry granted into the salon) clients will be required to wash their hands.

  • Limit possessions to one (1) bag. No additional items are permitted.

  • Clients will be required to complete a Safe Salon Client Waiver acknowledging (1) they have no current symptoms of COVID-19 and (2) they have not traveled or been in contact with a person or persons infected with the virus within the past 21 days. Failure to comply will result in services being denied.


  • We are required to schedule by appointment only.

  • Until further notice, no in-salon waiting is allowed (client, kids, no one) waits in the salon. If someone comes with you, they must wait outside the salon.

  • Clients are required to wear face masks during the entire service.

  • Service providers shall wear a face mask during your service as required by the law.


  • Our salon has been designated a Safe Salon based on executing the following sanitation and disinfection practices and protocols:

    • Each team member has completed the BARBICIDE Certification Course and or Milady’s Sanitation Certification for safety, sanitation, and disinfection.

    • Use of disinfectants are EPA registered and labeled bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal

    • Tools will be disinfected after each client use the following manufacturer’s instructions.

    • Tools used that are one-time use must be discarded after each use.

    • All Unnecessary items such as magazines, newspapers, service menus, and all other unnecessary paper products have been removed.

    • Retail products shall be relocated and retrieved only by the service provider for purchase by clients. (This is a no-touch area)

    • All High Touch areas will be disinfected after each client use. These include but not all-inclusive:

      • Door handles on main entrance and restrooms

      • Restrooms

      • Point of Sale Equipment

      • All client Stations

      • Reception Desk

      • Hand Sanitizer shall be available in various locations in the salon for ease of use by client and service provider.


  • The owners (Michelle McDonald/Cratina Webb) shall oversee the training, implementation, and consistency of all safety and sanitation practices and protocols for all staff, team members, and clients.


  • Our industry has endured a major change from the norm and we have to comply with new regulations and changes. In doing so, we have to limit the number of clients we do per day. We have to make sure we have adequate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for ourselves and our clients. Be advised that prices have increased due to these changes, which increase the cost of service. All prices have been updated on the site.

We thank you for your patience and support during this time and you can rest assured your safety is as equally important as the beauty care services you entrust us with.

Welcome back.

Michelle McDonald, Cratina Webb, and Team Girl Talk

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